How to make an Old Fashioned Cocktail

How to make an Old Fashioned Cocktail
Sometimes simple is better
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Considered to be one of the quintessential classic cocktails, the Old Fashioned has been around for over a century. The essence of this cocktail is its simplicity. Simply Rye whiskey, Angostura Bitters muddled with sugar (or simple syrup) and lemon peel, served over ice, sometimes with a lemon twist or cocktail cherry as garnish.

During prohibition, the practice of muddling a cherry or orange was brought into the mix. This was almost certainly because the whiskey during that time tasted so bad that these items were added to mask the taste. We don't have that problem anymore. This is a drink that doesn't necessarily need a garnish, but if you want, a premium cocktail cherry is just the ticket.

Old Fashioned Recipe


  • 2oz. Rye Whiskey (Bourbon is great also!)

  • 1 sugar cube (or 1 tsp)

  • 4 dashes Angostura bitters (adjust to your personal taste)

  • 2-3 drops of water

  • 1 slice lemon peel or orange peel

  • Cocktail cherry (optional)


  1. Place sugar cube in rocks glass

  2. If using orange or lemon peel, add to glass

  3. Apply 4 dashes Angostura bitters on to the sugar cube

  4. Add just a few drops of water

  5. Muddle moistened sugar cube and peel until it breaks down and blends with bitters

  6. Add Whiskey

  7. Add ice and stir (around 30-40 revolutions should do the trick)

  8. (Optional) Add cocktail cherry on cocktail skewer

  9. Serve immediately